BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// iCalcreator 2.10.15// METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:20170522T231736MDT-3204tajsGv@ DTSTAMP:20170523T051736Z DESCRIPTION:What do you think about the media representation of adoptees an d adoption? Our special moderator Mike McDonald\, the host of The Rambler podcast\, will lead short discussions about people's experiences and refle ctions on a selection of video clips.\n\nMike was born in Masan\, Korea an d adopted to New Jersey at 3 months old. He has been involved with the ado ption community since he was a child\, as attendee and later camp counselo r at Holt Heritage Camp. Last year\, Mike started a podcast where he inter views international and transracial adoptees called 'The Rambler with Mike McDonald.'\nMike has been very active with Also-Known-As\, volunteering a s a Youth Mentor and helping to stand up the Teen Mentorship Program. From 2005-2007\, he was a board member of AKA and co-directed the Youth Mentor ship Program. Mike is leading the Teen Mentorship Program for a second con secutive year and serving his first year on the Also-Known-As Advisory Boa rd.\nWHO: International adopteesWHEN: Tuesday\, February 21\, 2017 from 6: 45pm-9:00pmWHERE: Bond Collective at 55 Broadway\, 3rd Floor\, New York\, NY\, 10006COST: FREE for members\; suggested $5 for non-members\nPlease fe el free to bring snacks or refreshments to share. For more information and to RSVP\, please email Special thanks to Bond Co llective for hosting our event!\nAlso-Known-As Adoptee Forums: The purpose s of these forums are to create a confidential and safe space to discuss t opics among adoptees\, so these forums are only open to international adop tees. \; While we welcome community supporters\, friends\, and familie s of adoptees to many of our events\, the forums are closed to non-adoptee s. \; Please contact us with any questions. ex.php/events/events-calendar/event/89-adoptee-forum-adoption-in-the-media .html DTSTART:20170221T184500Z DTEND:20170221T210000Z LOCATION:Bond Collective\, 55 Broadway\, 3rd Floor () SUMMARY:Adoptee Forum: Adoption in the Media URL: e-forum-adoption-in-the-media.html END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR